Towel Guy

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How large are the towels and what size do I get?
  2. All of the towels are the same adult towel size (approximately 30" X 54"). The hood sizing is based according to the child's age and I usually size up so the towel can last longer. A newborn towel will fit a 6 month old+ and last for 2-3 years (or longer depending on use). A 1-2 year old size will fit a toddler, and so forth. The largest hood size will fit a 5-10 year old.

  3. Can I get a towel without the name?
  4. Yes, an appliqued hooded towel is $35. A monogrammed name is an additional $5 per name or a gingham name is an additional $10 per name. For example: Joe counts as 1 name, whereas Joe Schmoe would be considered 2 names.

  5. How many appliques are on a towel?
  6. It varies per design, but approximately 7-10 appliques per towel. Each towel is unique and can vary slightly by design. For example, if you order the "Under the Sea", you may receive an orange seahorse with other varieties of fish or jellyfish, but there are other colors of seahorses and starfish so the towels may not be identical.

  7. What if the name is misspelled when I receive it?
  8. If I am at fault for a misspelling, I will reimburse you for shipping it back to me and fix it at no cost. Otherwise, there will be a $10 charge to amend the name plus the cost of full shipping.

  9. How long does it take to make a hooded towel?
  10. It usually takes 2-3 days to make a hooded towel, unless it is around my vacation or during a holiday season. If you need it sooner, please let me know and sometimes I can get it out the next day. I do not take responsibility for the post office so it is your gamble!

  11. What method of shipping do you use?
  12. If shipping 1 towel, I use USPS priority shipping (2-3 days). If shipping 2 or more towels, I may use UPS (3-5 days).

  13. Do you ship overseas?
  14. Yes. Payment needs to be with a credit card so I can charge your card after I take it to the post office to know the exact shipping. Please provide me with the international phone number; this is now required by the post office.

    Gingham Stripe on the hood comes at no extra cost.
  15. Can I get the gingham stripe on the hood?
  16. Yes, the gingham stripe is standard on all hooded towels and is at no extra cost.

  17. What are the most popular combinations?
    • A pink towel with ladybugs and a lavender name.
    • A light blue towel with work trucks and a navy name.
    • A white towel with flowers and a pink name.
    • A pink towel with glitterflies and a lavender name.
    • A white towel with sports and a red name.
  18. What color do I choose for the name?
  19. A contrasting color looks the best. If you do not know, I can make a suggestion.

  20. Do I need to wash the towel before use?
  21. Yes, always wash the hooded towels before use.

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